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Creating A 300-Word Argumentative Essay: A Quick Guide

Writing an essay is one of the most assigned tasks students attempt during their school and college life. The reason is that these assignments start since an early grade and continue until higher education. The length and complication of this assignment depends upon the academic level and the instructions from your teacher. If you are to write an argumentative essay about any subject, then you need to understand the purpose and style for one. An argumentative assignment requires the students to think critically and take a stance on the given subject. Once you develop your stance on the given subject, you should go ahead and find enough logical evidence and factual data to support your stance. You can use different types of data and from various sources to find enough evidence to support your say on the paper. It is important that the data you collect is from valid and authenticated sources. The audience will not believe your point or agree with you unless you give them enough reason in form of valid and authenticated data

  • Planning your argumentative paper
  • If you are to complete your paper in three hundred words, then you should choose carefully and organize before writing so that you can achieve the purpose. You should make sure that you understand the subject under concern and take a stance after careful analysis. You should be able to gather enough data to support your stance and build major arguments for your stance in the paper.

  • The title of your paper
  • Start by choosing a valid topic for your paper. The title should be interesting, new, and engaging so that you can impress your audience with it. It must be an arguable statement because that is the essence of your assignment. Do not use generally accepted sentences as your title

  • Thesis statement
  • Once you have your title, you should focus on developing the thesis statement of your paper. This statement is an extract of your entire paper and shows the basic purpose of your work. It should be one or two sentences in length and must be able to explain the scope of your work to the readers

  • Major arguments
  • Develop your major arguments for the body of your paper based on your thesis statement

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Collect supporting evidence and analyze your data by arranging it in an outline

  • Conclusion
  • Summarize

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