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How To Write A Strong Conclusion For A Comparative Essay

You will want to finish your comparative essay with a strong statement. You want to leave an impression on your audience. This will be the last chance you have to persuade the audience to agree with your ideas. This part of the paper must be perfect for it to be effective. There are several methods for creating an impactful close to the piece.

Tips on Writing a Strong Conclusion

  • Go full circle-repeat the same sentence or some of the same words that you used in the first sentence or in the first paragraph. This link makes for a powerful conclusion.
  • Use alliteration or simple one syllable words-use several words that begin with the same consonant or use several words that contain only one syllable. The repeating sound or stripping down of syllables will cause your reader to carefully read and consider each word carefully.
  • Implement a parallel structure-use the same verb ending or same parallel words and phrases as you close. This makes the finish look balanced and flow smoothly.
  • Use a quote-if someone has all ready said your thoughts in the exact fashion you need and that person is well-known, go ahead and us their quote as your ending statement.
  • Ask a question/Answer a question-either ask a question to make your audience ponder a query or answer a question that you had all ready asked earlier in the paper.
  • Tell a story-without losing your formal tone; tell a story, which summarizes your point. Just make sure that the story is not too informal and is appropriate for an academic style paper. The story should not be too long, nor should it distract from your point. The tale has to enhance your comparative essay close.
  • Do not introduce new information-you should not introduce any new facts in this section of the paper. This is the place for a recap and a close, not new data or sources. All the data and sources should be placed in the body of the paper.
  • Do not retell the paper-this is not the place where you should summarize your essay. You are closing the paper, not re-telling the essay.
  • Certain statements to avoid-try not to say the statements “to conclude” or “in conclusion”. These are worn out and overused. The reader can tell you are concluding, do not state the obvious.

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