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5 Things You Should Look For In College Essay Examples

When you are in college you will be asked to write many papers and it can be difficult to know what is expected of you especially when you are asked to write multiple types of papers at once. One of the best tools at your disposal as a college student is a college essay example. A college essay example can help you figure out how to write a new type of paper, give you some insight into how your teacher will grade the paper, and potentially give you some sources you can use on your next paper, thereby alleviating some of your research time.

When you pick a college essay example, do not just pick the first example you can find. You should take steps to evaluate your essay examples. Look for the following 5 things:

  1. Is the paper free from error? If you review the essay example and you find that it is full of errors, then you obviously do not want to count on that person or that source as something viable. If they did not take the time to check the content for errors, there might be other things they missed before they gave you the sample.
  2. Is the paper suitable for your grade? You do not want a paper that is not on par with your grade. Make sure you have the course number or the school for which the paper was written. From this you can easily determine whether or not the paper is intended for your grade or your level. If the sample is a high school English paper, and you are looking to write a college third year level paper, then the sample you found is obviously unsuitable for your needs.
  3. Is the paper on a similar topic? If you can find a paper on a similar topic to yours, you might be able to gain a lot of information and sources on your subject matter which will save you a great deal of research later.
  4. Is the paper the right style as yours must be? If you are asked to write an expository paper for college, you do not want a sample paper that is a persuasive piece. This will not do you any good. Make sure it is the same type of assignment you have.
  5. Is the paper from a reputable source? If you can find a sample from a university or educational site, you are much better off.

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