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The Best Short Essay Topics' List: 33 Great Suggestions

Writing a short essay can prove to be quite demanding when you have to choose the topic on your own. Use ideas below

Interesting topics for students looking help with short essays

  1. The increasing use of social media networking sites and their importance for businesses to make money and sell their products
  2. The legalization of drugs and weed in certain parts of the world to be treated as medication
  3. The strategic planning of organizing duty hours in a way that efficient cops are available during night hours
  4. The sex awareness programs and education in schools should continue with or without the consent of the parents
  5. Describe a physical place, person, relation or a memory that has a great impact on your life
  6. Love should not be the sole reason for picking your spouse to spend the rest of your life with them
  7. What is freedom for you and how would you describe it in your own words
  8. The importance of human touch and expression have lost with emoticons and digital alternatives
  9. Junk food is neither safe nor a healthy alternative to organic foods
  10. It is the responsibility of the people to keep their country clean and systematic
  11. It is the responsibility of the state to keep the area safe and clean
  12. Injustice breeds evil
  13. Poverty is the basic reason for people having criminal behaviors
  14. Child abuse and bad parenting give rise to children with criminal minds
  15. Study abroad programs should focus on providing scholarships to the ones who deserve them
  16. We live in a world of biasness, racism and hatred no matter how educated and advanced we are
  17. The online stores and downloads have revolutionized the way people did business in the past
  18. The internet is a great platform to let your voice be heard without any biasness or investment
  19. Students should have a complete right to choose the subjects they want to study
  20. Autocratic leadership style is better and effective as compared to democratic style of management
  21. Democratic leadership style helps one to earn confidence and trust of the work force
  22. Incentive keeps them motivated to work efficiently
  23. The government needs to focus on its own issues like crime, poverty, unemployment, rape rates and economy
  24. Rather than interfering in less developed countries and their policies we should look at ourselves first
  25. Urban vs rural life
  26. Computer vs laptop
  27. Books vs eBooks
  28. Songs vs rhymes
  29. Business vs job
  30. Freelance vs job
  31. Parents vs spouse
  32. Teachers vs siblings
  33. Friends vs lovers

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