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Writing A Personal Literary Essay: A Detailed Guide

Writing a personal literary essay is not always easy. However, if you have the proper tips to guide you then it will make writing a literal essay seem a lot easier than you would imagine. Here are some tips that will help you to write a strong personal literary essay.

Four tips to help you write a strong personal literary essay:

  1. Be Honest- The thing about a personal literary paper is that just as its title proclaims, it’s personal. It’s about you. People are reading about you, your life experiences, how your thinking changed along the way. The best way to write this paper is to be honest and open with your readers. Make them trust you and allow them to journey with you through your life.
  2. The format is important- You can always use the easy format meaning you will have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion just like any other paper that you have written. You don’t want to make paragraphs too long. No-one wants to feel as if they’re reading a long drawn out novel or textbook. It’s the story of your life; make it fun, open and interesting or don’t write it at all. A good thing to do is to out each new experience into a new paragraph; that way you don’t confuse anyone yet still everything flows well together. Not only must you talk about your experiences but you must also elaborate on how you felt when these experiences took place.
  3. Be careful with the letter ‘I’- Dependent on the situation, the letter ‘I’ may or may not be used. If it is a paper for a class, the professor may not allow the students to use ‘I’ in a personal essay. Though this may seem strange as it will be more difficult to tell your life story without using ‘I’, there are many professors who make this request. Though this paper is usually written in the first person, stranger things have happened.
  4. Utilize details and emotional appeal- At the end of the day, you want your audience to feel what you felt when you went through these experiences. By using details, you make the scene more realistic and vivid and allow your audience to see what you went through. Making emotional appeals is also important in this type of paper. When you let your audience feel things, you create a bond with them and make them more likely to continue reading your paper.

If you use the tips above, you will write an appealing private literary essay with almost no problem at all. Happy Writing!

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