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Descriptive Essay Topics: 25 Fresh Ideas

As the name suggests descriptive essays have always been the most interesting topics to write about. You need to be as good as you can be with the narration and the arrangement of the topics. The better you will be in doing these two things the more beautiful will your essays be.

You need to take care of one thing that is the entire essay should be from a person’s view neither second nor third. The best way to complete your descriptive write up is to allow your imaginations to flow as far as they can and allow them to shout as loud as they can. Then will you have the perfect outcome.

25 fresh descriptive topics

  1. A beautiful morning in the summer season in your grandmother’s house.
  2. One character that you want to describe about?
  3. What is the most frightening place on earth and why?
  4. One person that you would want to be if you had the chance to be?
  5. The best spot to visit in winter for picnic?
  6. How should one plan a perfect holiday?
  7. Which piece of art intrigues you the most and why does it do so?
  8. What according to you is the ideal house and what criteria should it meet?
  9. Which season is your favourite season and why do you feel good about it?
  10. Describe the first day you had in your school?
  11. Talk about one of your most favourite cuisines.
  12. Describe the experience in parachute jumping and how did you enjoy it?
  13. The first memory that you still have in your mind
  14. Who according to you will be your ideal partner?
  15. Environmental degradation caused by human activity.
  16. Which was the worst day of your life and why is it so?
  17. Which place according to you is one of the best o complete your homework and why?
  18. Learning a foreign language in an institution is an experience. Share with us?
  19. What should be your approach towards your studies after college?
  20. Which spot do you like the most as your camping spot and why so?
  21. One of the best train rides that you ever had in your life?
  22. One of the worst nightmares that haunts you still?
  23. A painting that touched your soul and why so?
  24. An addiction that you want to get rid of?
  25. A teacher whom you will admire forever in your life?

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