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Choosing Winning Identity Essay Topics For University Students

An identity essay should cover different aspects of your identity; including who you are, what character you have, and what things you value the most. It’s important to consider your family, community, and cultural traditions, people and experiences that formed your personality. Your paper may explain how you percept yourself today and what affected you significantly.

If you want to prepare a strong assignment, you should decide what aspect of yourself you want to explore. You can focus your paper on your cultural background, as well as describe how you feel your classmates view you. Keep in mind that you should select a relevant idea that contributed to who you are. If you have trouble trying to compose a winning topic, you should look at sample ideas for university students to get inspired:

  • Write about a concept of “identity,” and how you understand its meaning.
  • You can write how the concept has changed during the past century, and why you think it’s necessary to learn more about who you are.

  • Determine the factors that influence gender identity.
  • Compose a paper about the factors that affect how a person’s own sense of self is developed.

  • Explain how particular characters identify themselves in a book or novel.
  • Your paper might describe how the community influences a book character, why he or she experiences certain emotions, and what decisions illustrate a particular trait.

  • Analyze a scholarly article towards identity.
  • Psychologists and philosophers study the concept and its development. You might find great research results and analyze them in the scope of your paper.

  • Answer the question why people should protect their identities.
  • There is a claim that the worst thing that might happen is having taken away who you are. Do you agree or disagree with this point?

  • Describe a typical American own sense of self.
  • What distinguishes a typical American from other nations?

  • Persuade the readers that positive cultural identity is important.
  • It’s impossible to be a culture free personality. Every person is a product of many different cultures that surround us and influence our values.

  • Consider how an immigrant can save his or her own values.
  • When a person changes the social and cultural environment, it’s likely that he or she will change habits, behavior, and perception of what is going on. Do you agree that people should stay themselves in every situation?

  • Think whether people remain the same ones in cyberspace.
  • People argue that they express personal opinions on the Web, but since no one knows their true identity, they often cheat.

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