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Internet Addiction

The internet is a system of worldwide interlinked computer networks that employ the standard Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to interconnect billions of devices worldwide. Generally, internet is a network of networks that encompasses millions of public, private, governments, business and academic networks of global in local scope, interconnected through a vast array of wires, optical and electronic networking technologies. The internet bears an extensive range of information services and resources such as the infrastructure to support email, peer-to-peer networks for telephony and file sharing and the inter-connected applications of the World Wide Web (WWW) and hypertext document.

Internet addiction refers to an impulse control disorder that is very similar to pathological gambling and does not entail the use of the intoxicating drug. Some users of the Internet may generate an emotional link to on-line activities and friends they develop and create on their computer screens. In the similar case like that of any other addiction, individuals suffering from internet addiction makes use of virtual fantasy world to interlink with real people via the internet, as a substitution of real human attachment that they can’t typically achieve.

Effects of internet addiction

Internet addiction causes family, personal, financial, occupational and academic problems that are characteristic of several other disorders. Excessive use of internet results in disruptions of impairments of real life relationships. People suffering from internet addiction tend to spend more of their time in solitary seclusion compared to the time they spend with real people in their lives and this makes other people view them as socially awkward. In addition, people addicted to the internet may attempt not to expose the time spent online and this may result in the disturbance of quality in once stable relationships and distrust.

People suffering from internet addiction especially individuals of low-self esteem feelings of fear of disapproval and inadequacy may end up creating secret lives by altering their online identity. Such negative self-concepts results in clinical problems of anxiety and depression. Internet addiction may also lead to physical discomfort and medical complications such as dry eyes, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, eating irregularities, severe headaches, backaches, sleep disturbance and failure to attend to personal hygiene.

How to resolve internet addiction

The first step is to establish that you have a problem. A Certified Addiction counsellor trained in treatment and identification of internet addiction can efficiently and effectively undertake an assessment to determine and recommend what level of care is most appropriate depending on the level of your addiction.

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