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Help Me Write My Essay Properly: A Step-By-Step Guide

Does the thought of writing an elementary, middle or high school essay creates shivering in your body?

Follow this step by step guide and equip yourself with the tit-bits of writing a paper and handle any kind of topic confidentially.

Step 1 Identify the type of essay: Primarily, check out the type you are asked to write the topic on as in if it is a literary, expository, narrative, persuasive, comparative or argumentative.

Step 2 Craft the outline: The outline is the basic step that acts as a road map. Here you need to organize your thoughts writing topic at the top of the page and rest of the points below compiling examples, statistics and data in support of your arguments.

Step 3 Fabricate the thesis statement: This step will include all the points to be covered, questions asked and answers provided. It should end with a concluding note. If possible, a thesis should specifically address one chief idea strongly supporting even a controversial topic.

Step 4 Introduction: Introduce your topic in the first paragraph and channelize your paper in one direction. State the chief ideas, points and arguments in favor of your writing. Grab the reader’s attention and set an interesting tone either in the form of challenging claims or by introducing some surprising facts.

Step 5 Engrave the body of the essay: The body describes detailed structure and further supports the essay. Pick up the points stated in the introduction and discuss it here. Summarize them in an organized way writing them in points and support your arguments with facts, examples, statistics, quotes etc.

Step 6 Write a concluding statement: This is the closing part. Wrap it up finally in maximum 5-6 sentences. Reiterate and review the primary points as well. Ensure that you have covered all the chief points discussed earlier. If you wish you can briefly illustrate your own personal opinion in respect of the provided topic. It should be in such a way that the final statement clearly justifies the primary idea in a precise and on a compelling note.

Step 7 Proofread: While writing, always sketch a rough image of your essay first. Never think that you will write a perfect piece in the very first time. Revise it in terms of informative content, correct spelling and grammar and write a strong and informative piece.

Note: Remember to handle all the points one by one. Some people are blessed with special writing skills and work better when write backwards starting from the conclusion.

If you follow these tips religiously, you are sure to write a unique piece.

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