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Creating A Strong Opinion Essay On Nuclear Power Plants

To create a strong opinion essay, you need to know what exactly it is, why it’s different from all other essays you have ever written, and how it should be composed, in general.

An opinion paper is your point of view put in words. You are given a topic (in most cases), or you choose a topic on your own, and your main task is to speak out your opinion, providing enough proofs of your correctness. If you choose a topic, you have a handicap. You can choose whatever is interesting to you and unfold your point of view on the subject. In case you are given one by your teacher, you need to determine your point of view on the matter. So, if you want to compose a strong opinion essay on nuclear power plants, use the following tips.

  • Start with reading the topic once again. Make sure that you understand the main idea and that you know what is expected from you.
  • Figure out your opinion on the nuclear power plants. It’s very important because you need to know which line to develop. In case the entire class has the same task, some part of students will be against the nuclear power, and the rest will support it. Think carefully, which party you are going to support. As well, you can try unfolding a neutral opinion. Remember that either opinion will need enough proofs.
  • As specialists recommend, start with the body paragraphs of your project. In most cases, there are three paragraphs, each of which is dedicated to a certain statement, fact, your point of view, etc. Depending on what you are told (in case you were given instructions on the structure) and what you want to say, you may want to modify the paragraphs to suit your needs.
  • After you are through with the body, you can move on to an introduction and conclusions. These parts are practically similar, yet, you need to be very attentive and not let them look like twins.
  • Sometimes, to add strength to your opinion paper, you should add a paragraph that will provide an opposite point of view. This paragraph will show that you are an impartial professional who can give attention to all sides of a problem. If you are writing about the positive sides of nuclear power, give a couple of sentences on the negative impact on the environment that it causes, or vice versa.

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