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Help Me Find Essays On Death Of A Salesman For Free

Death of a Salesman is one of the great pieces of literature, and is often compared to works such as The Great Gatsby, and Citizen Kane. There are plenty of essays out there to help you research. When looking for papers you want to look for a number of things:

  • Well Researched
  • Are the main points addressed
  • How has it made an impact, and why

Where to go

As I mentioned there are numerous websites in regards to Death of a Salesman. One website is 123helpme, that has numerous topics such as:

  • The impact of isolation
  • The American Dream
  • Themes of Success

Many of the essays are paid, but there are some that are free. It depends on how long the paper is, many of the essays that are under 1,000 words are for free. This can be a good place to start, but many of the free essays may only scratch the surface. If you need something with more depth, you may want to consider looking into some of the essays that are not free, but always take the time to preview, to see if this will help in your research.

Another place is echeat, where you can preview papers. This is one organization where you may need to join, but it can be a great resource if you’re just beginning your college career.

If you attend a major university, more than likely you will be able to find papers for free by fellow students. It also helps to check with the department of literature, as they may be able to suggest websites.

What themes are important to look for

It is important to remember that when researching the paper to address the main points of the book.

  • Is the American really possible
  • Is Willy his own worst enemy, or a victim
  • What really defines success
  • Is Meritocracy a myth
  • Is Death of a Salesman more relevant today

These are themes that you can research, and many like “Is Death of a Salesman more relevant today”, is one that may not have been discussed, but could be used as a topic for an essay. On the websites that I have mentioned you can find an essay connected to all these themes, and if this book is something you have not read, these will be the issues, that you should focus.

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