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How To Come Up With Interesting Non Fiction Essay Topics

When you are a fan of science fiction, action adventure or even just fictional stories being asked to put together a non-fiction essay can sound rather boring. It may seem that instead of flying through space with interstellar explorers fighting aliens you are essentially being asked to put together and essay on watching paint dry.

It’s really not that bad however…

Turn fiction into non-fiction

The key to picking a non-fiction topic that is truly interesting is to take something you do find interesting and turn it into an interesting topic.

For example, if you are a fan of science fiction consider the following topics:

  • Scientific inventions that appeared in writing before reality
  • Will time travel ever be possible
  • Bringing a science fiction book to the big screen and famous movie producers

The mark of a good fictional writer is that they take a topic and then present it in a manner that people find interesting allowing them to develop an alternate reality that people can immerse themselves within and enjoy the story. So, when you need a potential topic, consider taking the base topic and then bring it into a non-fictional light.

Gather topics from fictional stories

Another way to come up with interesting non-fiction topics is to look at the theme of your favorite fictional stories or movies. Take the following examples:

  • Fictional story about living on the moon turn into a historical essay about space travel
  • Fictional story about fighting aliens into a history of UFO sightings throughout the world
  • Fictional story about a soldier fighting in the war into a biographical essay about a war hero
  • Fictional story about a zombie apocalypse into a medical essay about mental disorders where people think they are zombies

No matter what topic you enjoy reading, you can take a fictional topic and turn it into an interesting non-fiction topic.

The key to picking a topic that you will not be bored writing about is to find something that you have some interest in and a great place to start are your favorite fictional works. These fictional writings can become your greatest source of inspiration when you are struggling to come up with a topic that will not lull you to sleep out of boredom and let you truly shine and show your writing prowess with an interesting non-fiction essay topic.

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