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A List Of Easy Argumentative Essay Topics To Consider

Argumentative essays are often given to students in schools. These assignments help students improve their writing and analytical skills. The more controversial the topic, the easier it will be for debate purposes. If you choose a good topic idea, you’ll be able to develop a good argument, find strong evidence, and come up with a valid conclusion.

Students use different techniques to brainstorm different ideas. The best way to do this is to study a list of simple argumentative essay topics that cover different contemporary issues. The following good example ideas are provided to get you inspired:

  1. Animal testing and ethical issues involved.
  2. Experimentation and animal rights are popular topics for discussion. PETA organization tries to protect animals and force people not to use natural fur and leather for clothing. However, the methods employed by this organization are very controversial.

  3. Unexpected pregnancy and abortion.
  4. Abortion topic can sparkle a fruitful discussion. You can write about how to reduce a rate of teenage pregnancy, what to do with pregnancy resulted from sexual crimes, and how to change public opinion about abortion in Catholic communities.

  5. Illegal immigration and border control.
  6. Although some counties try to prevent immigration, millions of people change their countries of residence every year. It’s a debatable topic whether to increase a border control or not in developed countries.

  7. Cosmetics as a possible cause of breast cancer.
  8. Studies have shown that chemicals in deodorants, creams, and soaps that can possibly increase risks of getting a breast cancer. However, cosmetics producers and distributors have all the necessary permits to sell their production.

  9. Traditional medicine vs. alternative therapies.
  10. Patients all over the world are treated in different ways. There are continuous debates about efficiency of different treatment plans. In your essay, you can claim that each patient should have a choice between traditional and alternative therapies.

  11. Pros and cons of ethnic adoption.
  12. Couples from the developed countries often want to adopt babies from the developing countries. Celebrities raised public interest to this topic, as some of them faced different problems while doing the paperwork and after they’ve adopted non-American babies.

  13. Plastic surgery procedures.
  14. People want to look beautiful, so they undergo different plastic surgery procedures in order to get what they want. Your essay may discuss why some individuals get addicted to these procedures, how often the patients usually visit plastic surgeons, and what risks they face.

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