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5 Tips That Will Help You Write Great Descriptive Essay About Your Mother

The first person that most of us form any sort of bond with is our mom. Part of this is biological because we live inside of her body for almost a year before birth. If ever you are called upon to write a descriptive essay about your mother, the tips listed below can go a long way to helping you do it well:

  • If you never knew your mother ask people who did
  • If your mom is not in your life you should probably ask people who knew her to give you an idea of what she was like. As they describe her you can gain insight that can make the paper easier to write. In some cases this may be painful especially if she passed away tragically or left for reasons unknown but the writing process might help to deal with the emotions in a more productive manner.

  • If no one you know knows her, pick another maternal figure
  • If you were raised in a situation where your biological mom was unknown and you had no adoptive mother, any other maternal figure could be written about instead. Consider grandmothers, aunts or even the people in charge of running your orphanage if they provided that service to you.

  • Collect descriptive terms
  • This is the part where you delve into the actual writing aspect. Having come up with an idea through investigation of what your mom is like or keeping the image you already know in mind, you can begin to list descriptive terms that suit her. Put down as many as you can and you can see when you begin to write which ones should be included and which ones should be discarded.

  • Examine essays that others have written about parents
  • Before you begin writing you can look into what other people have said about parents. You will notice a difference in tone from one writer to the next. Some were loved and treasured, others abused and neglected. See what seems most like your own experience so you can refer to it stylistically.

  • Write
  • Whether you feel ready to do it or not, you will need to reach this point eventually. Try not to be too hard on yourself when it comes to the content. Describing a person that exists will be more difficult than creating a fictional character but if you are capable of accuracy, the rest will come with ease.

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