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How To Construct An Outline For A Critical Evaluation Essay

This is an essay where the writer indicates his opinion concerning an author’s comments in a particular article or book. It aims at giving an insight into what you think the author meant within a context or the entirety of his or her article.

In essence, this encompasses giving more insight on what the author hand in mind and drawing a bridge on what you think is the right way to go. You look at the pros and cons and showing prove what you stand for. Various writing techniques can be used to write such an article such as descriptive, argumentative or in this case evaluative.

The author can cite through paraphrasing or through quoting the direct speech of the author as used in the latter’s book, article or from any other source. For professionalism, citation is very necessary for it shows your appreciation of scholarly work and respect of the rules governing academic writing. Additionally, citation helps having a plagiarism free article devoid of direct copying. This will further lead to you having a respectable article that not only brings the ideas of previousscholars on board but also encompassing personal touch and creativity. Once you have identified the article that you will be writing about it is essential to construct an outline entailing how you will ultimately write your paper.


When drawing a sketch always remember to start with the introduction. This is like paraphrasing whatever will be in the entire article and writing it in the short format. It gives the reader an insight and preview of what he/she should expect in the article.

This is the face value of the entire article thus should be made captivating and attractive to give the reader morale and interest in continuing with the rest of the essay that contains the majority and most vital details. A blunt and dull introduction will repel even the most patient of readers and he may not be left with enthusiasm for the rest of the article.


This is where you either quote or paraphrase what the author insinuated in his/her article and then give your opinion and stand concerning the same. You should make the reader aware of the issue to be discussed looking at both the author’s opinion and what you think he/she meant.


This comes immediately after the body and summarises the entire subject and gives your opinion as the last. All these are laid out after studying the topic before you with precision and depth.

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