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Gun Control In The United States

In the issue of gun control in the United States, there are strong opinions on both sides of the debate. People have strong beliefs because this issue is one of great magnitude. It affects everyone, whether they have an opinion or not, because guns can affect the lives of any person out of the blue. There are two main sides to this subject; one wants more gun control, and one wants less. There are also those who want a compromise somewhere in between. People are very fired up because they have a right to carry a gun by the law of the constitution but on the other handguns kill innocent people every day.

The first point of view is that every person in the country should be able to carry a firearm if they so choose as it is their constitutional right to do so. They believe that this should extend to everyone, and they are outraged that in some states they are actually making it almost impossible to get permission to own a gun for even the most law abiding citizens. They feel that the right to bear arms is slowly being taken away state by state until no one has this right any longer.   

On the other side of the debate, they feel that it is the broad availability of firearms that allow people to kill each other in gang wars and drive-by. Many believe that if no one had access to guns any more than violence would drop dramatically in the United States. They fear that readily available weapons will only lead to further bloodshed and death in this country. If no one had guns, it would be harder for us to hurt one another is their position on it.

Many people are in the middle somewhere in a gray area. They believe that people should be able to own a gun to defend them, but that there should be stricter rules on who gets this right. For example people convicted of crimes or those with unsavory background check should not have access to firearms of any kind. Many people do believe there is a safe middle ground between both sides.

This is such a hot button issue because the right to bear arms is our constitutional right, but so many die each day of gun violence. Many believe it is everyone’s right, and many think there are already too many illegal weapons on the street as it is. This issue continues to be one of a large debate in this country.  

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