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Where To Find Free Classification Essays: 5 Places To Check

From the morning of our lives, we take an innate interest in classifying and categorizing things. This way, we tend to define a particular object or person and that definition stays with us whenever we moot upon that entity. For us, a brand is genuine or fake; a man is miserly or extravagant, lazy or energetic. Classification is our forte.

Enhancing our knowledge

It goes without saying that the trend to write classification essays has crept from this attitude. We often face such essays in our school and college days. These are meant to enhance our knowledge of a genre or subject in whole. Here are places we can find the roots of these classification essays –

  1. Our behavior – Since we tend to classify things according to their origin, capacities and eventual reaches, we can always create classification essays from them. This translation comes naturally, without a calling.
  2. Countries – Different countries lead different lifestyles. Some live frugally, some puritanically; some liberally, some oppressively; some lethargically, some actively. It is pretty easy to classify countries according to these attributes. The essay topics follow.
  3. Individuals – Some individuals are methodical; some are disorganized; some live like ants and some like birds. Some take problems head on and some show an ostrich-like behavior. Classifying individuals and basing essay topics on them cannot be a tough task.
  4. Food or drinking habits – We may classify fast food joints; restaurants and hotels. We may classify beer, whiskey and vodka. We may also classify the different types of juices according to their benefits and capacities.
  5. Climate – In a vast country, some cities are windy; some hot and some cool. Some get enormous rainfall and some negligible. Some have rich soil and some have plenty of no-vegetation zone. Enough fodder for classification here.

Here are 10 classification essay topics for your convenience –

  1. Classification of Indian tourist destinations: holy places; beaches and hill stations
  2. Global classification of women through the last three centuries
  3. Classify the popularity trends of fitness sport (Tennis); stamina sport (Athletics) and perseverance sport (Golf)
  4. Classification of legal treatment of criminals from Medieval Age till now
  5. Classify financial systems during monarchy; democracy and aristocracy
  6. Classify the three types of movies; documentary-types; parallel and commercial
  7. Classify the ebbs and flows of the three cuisines; Continental; Chinese and Italian
  8. Classify the different stages of dominance of men in patriarchal societies through centuries
  9. Classify the patterns and inherent lifestyles of the three races; Caucasians; Mongoloid and Negroid
  10. Classify kids’ behavior in general in different settings; frugal, opulent and middle-of-the-road

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