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Where To Go Looking For Interesting Examples Of Essays On Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre is one of the classics of English literature. It was written by Charlotte Bronte, and addresses themes of gender relationships and feminism; love, family, passion and relationships; god and morality. Of course, many thousands of essays have been written on it! So how do you find interesting examples of essays?

What to look for

If you’d like to write a really interesting paper, you should try to avoid sample papers that cover all the usual, ordinary topics, such as a plot summary or the major themes of the book. Rather keep your eyes open for examples that challenge the typical themes, give new insight into the historical context, re-interpret aspects of the book in the modern world, or take some other unique perspectives.

Look for scholarly articles

It’s probably worth starting your search by looking for scholarly articles about Jane Eyre to use as example essays. These serious scholarly works may have many useful insights and helpful topics for you to use. The Internet is a good place to look for these kinds of articles, so check online literary journals, university websites, and serious literature websites. Don’t forget to look for articles at the library, too. Try searching through literary essay anthologies and literary journals.

Check on essay websites

Another place to look is on essay websites, which are a dime a dozen on the Internet. You should be able to find at least a few fantastic examples of Jane Eyre papers on these sites. Some of them charge a fee for access to their content, but others are completely free.

Search fan sites

It may seem like an odd place to check, but it may yield great results, so search some of the countless Jane Eyre fan sites online. There are so many fan sites out there with so many pieces of writing, that you’re bound to find a few useful sample papers. Passionate fans may have different insights to experts, so they may just surprise you with their novel understandings of the book.

Other places to look

If you’re still finding it hard to get sample papers that you like, try scouring homework help websites, as they often have example essays about popular books. Another way to get very different perspectives on the book is to look for cross-domain writings, like “a psychologist’s perspective” on the story. This may give you some excellent sample papers.

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