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Homosexual Adoption

There is an important debate happening in modern society which seems to overstep the boundary between church and state. Homosexual adoption has proven quite a controversial issue. The main reason for this is that many of the main adoption agencies within the United States are operated by churches affiliated with religions wherein homosexuality is a sin. That being said the right to practice freely does dictate that they can refuse to allow gay couples to adopt and yet many a law suit have been brought against this to prompt the courts to require their equal rights.

The biggest adoption agency in the United States is owned and operated through the Catholic Church. The second biggest is run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. These two religious organizations look upon homosexuality as a sin. That being said they also have strict views on the standard family unit which should include a mother as well as a father. Their religious views prohibit the adoption of a child by a gay couple.

When homosexual couples try and adopt they have faced this challenge and many others. It has seemed unreasonable that they should not be allowed to adopt a child from an organization such as an orphanage simply because of the religious beliefs of the churches who run them. The core argument is that they should not have their rights impeded upon simply because another person’s faith does not agree with their life choices. This is also a right that should work both ways. But the counter claim to this is that the adoption agencies are in fact owned and operated through religious organizations who have the same right to practice peacefully as they choose and if they choose to discriminate then their religion has that right.

This nonetheless caused a stir. When country clubs and private organizations discriminate there are no lawsuits brought against them. But when the adoption agencies run by religious organizations exercise that same right there are court cases brought against them for discrimination in the workplace. The laws which protect discrimination in a private club or in the sanctity of a religious building have been debated as to whether they extend into businesses or not.

Overall there has been much debate encircling this topic and it has often had to safely toe to the line between the separate of church and state. Religious organizations claim they have the right to discriminate and should not be forced to act contrary to their religious beliefs. Homosexual couples and their supporters feel that religion should not inhibit their rights to a family.

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