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How Do You Write An Illustration Essay: Crucial Things To Remember

What is an illustration essay?

An illustration essay is a piece of academic writing that demands vivid imagination power from the author. Here, a notion or topic is given to the author and he/she needs to prove the argument with different examples. Whether you are given a solid topic like ‘smoking causes cancer’ or a vague one like ‘death’, you have to include examples in both the cases.

Five things to remember before writing an illustration essay

  • Beware of the number of examples
  • Just because an illustration essay requires examples, it doesn’t mean that you need to add them recklessly.

  • Even if it is a short article, then include maximum two examples and if it’s a long one, then maximum four would do. You can use anecdotes from your personal life as well but don’t go over-board with it.

  • Illustration article also follows the standard format
  • An illustration article also maintains the same- introduction, body, conclusion and citation format, like that of other articles. So don’t get nervous if you have not written it before. To get some clear pictures, you can go through the scholarly journals, article writing guides or samples.

  • Don’t miss out on the thesis statement
  • A weak thesis statement can mar your article. Through thesis statement, you will show the reader the course of your study. It should also contain- why you have chosen the examples you are going to use and how they back up the argument of your article. Again, if you are writing a short article then the last line of the introductory paragraph must give out the thesis statement. For a long article, a separate paragraph should be devoted.

  • Make the transition a smooth one
  • If you are devoting three separate paragraphs to three separate examples, then you should make the transition from one paragraph to the next one- as smooth as possible. They must share a common thread among them. Also don’t repeat the phrase ‘for example’ too often in your article body. Instead of that, you can always use ‘in continuation’ or ‘if we keep the above point in mind, then.. .’. Repetition is poisonous for illustration article, so you may well devise your own phrases for transitioning purpose.

  • The conclusion would be of many things
  • The conclusion of an illustration article must reinstate the whole body and highlight the examples once more. It must also leave some scope for future development and thrash the opposite arguments. The conclusion should show the impact of the argument in few words.

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