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Fun Definition Essay Topics: A List Of Great Ideas To Consider

As the name suggests, a definition essay will essentially involve writing an academic paper that defines a particular topic. Whilst you may see brief definitions of various words in dictionaries, when writing an academic paper, you will obviously need to go into further detail. As a result, the topic that you choose will need to be wide ranging so as to enable you to write your paper in sufficient detail.

Coming up with ideas to write about

A great way of coming up with good topics and titles to use as the basis of your definition essay is to use brainstorming techniques. For example, you can use various visual aids for inspiration, such as spider diagrams or, alternatively, you can simply write down a list of any ideas that you can think of. Ultimately, writing any ideas down you may have will help to ensure that you do not forget them, as well as potentially providing inspiration later on for further ideas.

Once you have a few ideas written down, and you are satisfied that one of them may be appropriate, it will be time to start narrowing down the list. You may wish to discard any that you feel you will not be able to write a thorough enough essay about, whilst you may wish to strike any off your list that you do not find interesting enough.

If you find that you have two or more ideas that you are struggling to choose between then it can be a good idea to try and come up with a few pros and cons relating to these ideas, so as to help you determine which one will be best write about. As part of the pros and cons, you may look at how interesting each topic is, how easy they will be to research, how much you can write about each topic, and various other factors.

To give you an idea of some topics that you could use, the following is a list of potential title ideas:

  1. Define religion
  2. Define space travel
  3. Define nuclear power
  4. Define spiritualism
  5. Define feminism
  6. Define abortion
  7. Define gay rights
  8. Defined the slave trade
  9. Define evolution
  10. Define existentialism
  11. Define paranormal activity
  12. Define gambling
  13. Define drug addiction
  14. Define capitalism
  15. Define greed
  16. Define reptile
  17. Define comedy
  18. Define irony
  19. Define sexual discrimination
  20. Define Down’s syndrome
  21. Define Sod’s law
  22. Define marriage
  23. Define divorce
  24. Define holy intervention

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