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The Difference Between Feminism And Sexual Equality

Feminism and sexual equality are often used synonymously. However, there is a certain taboo associated with feminism and is not accepted as out rightly as maybe sexual equality is.

Feminism primarily defines a movement that was started by Simone De Beauvoir to give voice to the female perceptive. She deliberated on how women are not given their due rights and treated as being lesser than their male counterparts. On the other hand, the hue and cry surrounding gender equality also circles around men and women not being treated equally.

While feminism speaks of equality from a woman’s point of view, sexual equality is a general observation from a third person perspective and thus, somehow considered less biased. Moreover, there are a number of taboos and misconceptions associated with feminism while gender equality is considered a clearer concept. Some of the misconceptions include feminist women being touted as man haters who bash men.

Moreover, feminists are also usually associated with lesbianism because of the mistaken belief that they generally dislike men and so, prefer women as sexual partners. Famous women such as Coretta Scott King, Hillary Clinton and Angelina Jolie are all straight, powerful and feminist women with husbands and families. Being a feminist does not mean denouncing nature in any way. It is in fact accepting it with full force and making everyone aware of it as well.

Another common misconception about feminism that makes sexual equality more appealing is that feminists discriminate against men. It extends to them believing they are superior beings and should override men but it couldn’t be further from the truth. If feminists believed that then there wouldn’t be men who support the cause of feminists and go as far as labeling themselves as feminists. Some of them include Ryan Gosling, Jon Hamm and Prince Harry.

There are also certain schools of thought that believe that feminism is a baseless movement and there is no need for it because women are treated as well as men. This, of course, is a delusional claim because in an industry as liberal as Hollywood, women face gender discrimination. In the corporate world, women are being paid less than men all the time. There are cases of sexual harassment more commonly with women victims. Thus, feminism is a legit movement and gender equality only further reinforces the idea.

Thus, although there aren’t any differences per se between feminism and sexual equality, the two are treated differently because of personal biases and convenience.

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