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Criminal Behavior

Criminal Behavior is dangerous and may have adverse consequences. The nature of criminal behavior, however, depends on the individuals. All criminals are not the same and do not commit crimes of the same kind or magnitude. The major question most of the times remains as to what may be the motivation for criminals. Criminal behavior may be learned or acquired differently for different crimes. The criminals commit offenses or crimes and sometimes go unpunished as they have taught the different and various techniques of survival. The laws enforced in the various countries concerning crimes, criminal activities, and behavior has not succeeded in crime reduction in many societies. The meaning of this is that much or more needs to be done as what has already been done either not enough or not effective. The governments and the societies including each in the society all have a major or significant role to play in discouraging criminal behavior. The reason this is essential is that the criminal behavior and practices lead to many harmful effects including property loss and deaths of people.

Factors that Encourage Criminal Behavior

Poverty is one of the major factors that can be linked to criminal behavior. The people who have no income and nothing to depend on in life for survival may end up learning criminal behavior and taking part in illegal activities to provide for their needs and those of families. Peer pressure is another factor for increased criminal behavior in the societies today. This is majorly in the youths. Some do things to fit in certain groupings. Engaging in crimes may be a requirement for a particular group. This way criminal behavior is encouraged. Criminal behavior may also be encouraged by bad parenting. Children in their early stages may get violent, take things belonging to other people and not receive punishments or even warnings from their parents. They may grow up thinking that violence is right and is not punishable. This way, they learn criminal behavior.

Combating Criminal Behavior in the Society

Education in all schools in the society should discourage criminal behavior. Children need to be taught as early as possible the importance of doing things right and the dangers of criminal behavior. Proper and healthy parenting should also be used in teaching children that violence is wrong and is punishable by the laws of the nations. The legislation of any society should be such that they discourage criminal behavior totally. Criminal behavior is thus intolerable.

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