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Tips And Ideas For Writing An Exploratory Essay On Gun Control

Gun control is an important issue. Unfortunately, it’s also an issue that’s been debated endlessly in the aftermath of every shooting tragedy. As you explore the topic, bear these excellent tips and ideas in mind.

It’s an emotive issue

The topic is extremely emotive for many, many people, especially because it taps into people’s beliefs about their safety. On the one side you have people who take-to-heart the right of citizens to defend themselves. On the other side, you have victims of tragedies and their advocates. Bear this mind, and be sure to present both sides of the debate, otherwise your essay will not be fair and balanced.

You’re not meant to take sides

Because gun control is an extremely sensitive issue, you may be tempted to take sides. Don’t do it! An exploratory essay is not an argumentative essay, so you should not be taking sides or arguing for one side of the debate, no matter what your personal beliefs are. Be very careful to stick to the form of an exploratory essay, despite how controversial this issue is.

There’s lots of incorrect information out there

As discussed above, gun control is an extremely emotive issue for many people, and this means that much of the information out there is distorted or just plain wrong. Be careful which sources you use, as you may end up writing a paper based on facts that are not facts at all, but rather fictions created by people lobbying for or against firearm regulations.

It’s not the same debate across the world

Also be aware that there are differences in the debate between different nations. In the US, for example, certain lobby groups are exceptionally vocal about the place that guns play in American culture. Whereas, in South Africa, the debate is almost entirely about violence, and firearms as part of culture doesn’t form any part of the dialogue about firearm regulations.

A few great topic ideas to choose from

Taking these tips, then, here are some more specific topic ideas for you to consider

  • What is gun control?
  • Does gun control lower the rate of violent crime?
  • Do background checks work?
  • What is the situation behind most firearm related deaths?
  • Does carrying a firearm prevent civilians from being targets of crimes?

Hopefully, these useful tips will guide you to write an outstanding exploratory essay about gun control, so use your newfound knowledge wisely.

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