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Writing A Critical Comparative Essay In An Hour: 8 Great Tips

A comparative essay involves the student carrying out research on two subjects that are different but have enough in common so that they can be compared. As you can imagine, there are endless possibilities, so finding something that is interesting to you shouldn’t be too difficult.

  1. Ensure Questions Are Analyzed Correctly
  2. If you think of a good idea for a paper, ensure that your work is still relevant as to what has been asked of you.

  3. Check If There Are Any Limits Placed On Your Topic
  4. This should be done before you start work on anything else, there is nothing more frustrating that completing homework relating to your topic, only to find that there are limitations in place.

  5. Make Sure That You Fully Understand The Comparison Essay You’re Being Asked to Write
  6. Although there is nothing wrong with being proactive, you must ensure that are no other requirements for you to consider, for example, has your teacher asked for a framework within your dissertation or term paper?

  7. Make a List of Similarities and Differences
  8. Although this may be obvious when writing a comparison paper, the contrasting material will be required. To make things more efficient, make your lists before starting your essay.

  9. Ensure You Evaluate Your List
  10. Depending on the subject matter, it can be difficult to include all information. Look over the material you have and look out for any patterns and trends that can be included.

  11. Makes Sure The Basis Of Your Comparison Is Established
  12. Students should ensure that the context of what they are comparing is in place. For example, will it be a theoretical approach, or a question or argument.

  13. Research Each Subject Being Used For Comparison
  14. It goes without saying that students should ensure that they have enough knowledge for their comparative essay. However, there is no need to include more information that is required. Some papers may ask that you don’t research, so ensure you are aware of any rules before you start your work.

  15. Ensure You Address Both Halves of The Comparison In Separate Paragraphs
  16. For example, if you are comparing two separate products, the first paragraph should include details about the first aspect of similarities between both products. The second paragraph should include the second aspect and follow the pattern moving forwards.

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