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Coming Up With Illustrative Essay Topic Ideas That Will Impress Your Professor

Illustrative essays describe the position the writer takes, for example, as done in an argumentative essay, and explains it with concrete and interesting examples. Here is a list of some great illustrative essay topics:

  1. Illustrate how a sports coach can make a difference in the fortunes of a struggling sports team. Choose a sport of your choice.
  2. Illustrate how the advent of the internet has led to the decline of the print newspaper. Has the younger generation’s preference for the internet also stifled electronic media such as radio and television?
  3. Illustrate how electronic cigarettes have the same harmful effects as a regular cigarette. Should electronic cigarettes be subjected to the same strict advertising regulations as regular cigarettes?
  4. Illustrate how a summer spent in a foreign country can change your perspective on life.
  5. Illustrate how tourism can help heal the world’s wounds by encouraging interaction between people around the world.
  6. Illustrate how social media has affected real human relationships for better or for worse. Is social media to blame for the disconnect between the younger and older generations?
  7. Illustrate how the presence of vast amounts of information on the internet has helped countless millions learn and understand new things.
  8. Illustrate how the advent of green, alternate energy sources can help save the environment.
  9. Illustrate how a steady study schedule can help overcome weaknesses in a particular subject area.
  10. Illustrate how picking college courses that interest you will also help your career in the long run. Compare and contrast with courses you think will help you earn money but do not interest you.
  11. Explain the rules of Golf with the help of examples. What is the role of natural ability versus practiced skill in becoming a great player in this sport?
  12. Illustrate teamwork and its impact on sports. Use examples from high pressure environments, for example, Formula 1 racing and its pit crews and their great team work ethic.
  13. Explain the role of a supply chain manager in a manufacturing business. Can a business survive without a competent supply chain manager?
  14. Illustrate how a professional accountant can help a tax payer navigate the maze of tax regulations. Can an accountant save you money by doing the work quickly?
  15. Explain the work of an NGO, or Non-Governmental Organization. How does the work of NGOs benefit underdeveloped countries?

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