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Water Pollution

Arguably the world’s most precious resource, water, is under threat from pollution of different kinds. This not only affects humans, but animal life too. But before we can come up with a solution to this problem, we must determine what actually constitutes water ‘pollution’. After we’ve done that, we must identify the two most prevalent types of pollution in the world today.

When is it defined as ‘pollution’?

Pollution is any inorganic material or substance that enters our water without being able to harmonize with it in a natural way. For instance, if sand, wood, and even animal carcasses are thrown into a river, those things will not ultimately affect the quality of the water. Animal carcasses and wood are biodegradable, and sand will simply sink to the bottom and form a part of the riverbed. However, if plastic, Styrofoam or oil are thrown into the river, this is considered to be pollution because it has no way of forming part of the eco system. On the contrary, it causes harm to any animal or human who drinks it.

Mining pollution

Another form of pollution is mining pollution. Many different toxins are released during the process of mining and these toxins are dangerous to consume for both people and animals. Cases of severe cancer and tumours have been reported in mining towns where safety measures are not taken while mining. While accountability lawsuits have deterred this unsafe practice, there are still many mining corporations that get away with harming the environment this way.

Ocean pollution

Another category of water pollution is oil spills in the ocean. This type of pollution may not affect humans directly, but it does have devastating effects on marine life. Seals, penguins, dolphins and whales are just some of the ocean species that have been affected by this type of pollution. The problem here is that the ocean is too big to be monitored all the time, and these ships are often not held accountable for this devastating occurrence.

Water pollution strikes a blow at the very lifeblood of the planet. It has been estimated that if things carry on the way they are going now, it won’t be long before water becomes a rare commodity that falls into the same category as fuel or gold. For this reason, it is imperative that we do all in our power to protect this resource as best we can.

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