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Body Language

Body language is a nonverbal kind of communication where physical behaviors like postures of the body, movement of the eye, facial expressions and gestures are use to express feeling, thought or an intention. In some cases, body language can be confused with sign language. However, these two types of communication are very different from each other. Though, both sign language and body language use physical behavior, body language does not contain grammar. Thus body language should be broadly meditated, rather than taking an absolute interpretation that corresponds with certain body movement.

Body language is interpreted differently within different societies with different cultures. These bring on the universality of body language. In a social interaction, body language compliments well with other modes of communication such as verbal communication. As a matter of fact, research shows that in interpersonal interactions, body language accounts for the greatest percentage of the information transmitted. Therefore, body language is very useful in developing interpersonal relationship. However, body language is ambiguous and hence can lead to misunderstanding when not accurately read and interpreted in social interactions.

Importance of Body Language

Body language is very useful various aspects of life. Whether in social interaction or business matters, body language is very useful since it transmits information that cannot even be transmitted through verbal communication. Personal feelings towards something or somebody can be read and interpreted through body language.

Unlike other modes of communications, body language cannot be faked. Body language, gives off many unconscious body movements which other people can instantly read and interpret automatically. Thus body language unlike modes of communication can used to show exact feeling of someone towards something or what somebody else is saying even without asking.

Body language is very important when somebody wants to transmit information with a hidden meaning or without attracting attention of the others. Especially in security force, body language is used to give order to security officers without capturing the attention of their enemies.

Disadvantages of Body Language

Although body language is very vital in every aspect of communication, it has got several limitations which make it ineffective when transmitting information. Different people from different cultures have got different interpretation of certain body language which may lead to misunderstanding when used.

Moreover, body language involves physical behaviors and interpreting what one sees and thus it is limited to the people who do not have the sense of sight. Body language is more useful in interpersonal interactions and therefore it is not over long distances.

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