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10 Essay Writing Tricks They Never Teach You At School

Writing great essays is a craft that takes lots of practice to fully master. Sometimes, however, instructors jump right into their lessons and don’t teach some of the tricks you need to write a great paper. Here are 10 tricks you never hear about in school:

  1. Know What the Assignment is About
  2. This might be pretty obvious, but you would be surprised how many students don’t know what an assignment is even about when they start. Read through the entire prompt and ask your professor if you are unclear about any part.

  3. Choose the Best Focus for Your Paper
  4. No matter what the stipulations of your assignment are, pick a clear focus or angle. Choosing a focus will let you better narrow down your topic ideas and thesis statement.

  5. Start By Brainstorming
  6. Sit down and start writing down all of your ideas. They may seem a like jumbled mess at first but eventually you will begin to see that you can cluster similar ideas together. An effective brainstorming session will certainly lead to the development of a better topic.

  7. Always Make an Outline
  8. Take your brainstorming page (or pages) and organize your topic in a clear outline. Always start with an introduction that includes a thesis then work down with your first topic, then your second topic and so on.

  9. Let Your First Draft Flow
  10. Writing the first draft is sometimes the hardest part for students because they don’t know if the content they are putting down is good enough. Don’t let any doubts creep into your mind. Let the words flow freely and don’t worry about poor writing at this point. You will have time to revise later.

  11. Revise Your Content
  12. Great essays will always have at least one thorough revision. This is where you take your first draft and reorganize it for effectiveness. Look towards editing out pieces that don’t add value to your argument.

  13. Set Your Essay Aside
  14. After your first revision it’s a great idea to set your paper aside for at least a few hours. Take a break, watch some TV or take a nap. Getting away from your essay for a while will help you proofread and edit with a clear mind.

  15. Proofread and Edit Your Content
  16. Don’t write your essay and leave it without paying it more attention. A key ingredient to great writing is taking the time to thoroughly proofread and edit your essay. Check for the smallest details. Even the tiniest mistake can make your paper receive a lower grade.

  17. Don’t Be Flashy with Your Writing
  18. Use simple and clear English when you write your assignment. Complicated or convoluted sentences can be major distractions. Don’t use words that you wouldn’t use in regular conversation. Big words often lead to big mistakes.

  19. As a Friend to Read It
  20. Lastly, why not ask a friend to read your paper? His review and feedback may prove to be the most valuable feedback you receive in the entire process.

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