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The 12 Best Argumentative Essay Topics On Bullying

  • Argumentative essays
  • Argumentative essays are written about topics that brings that brings an argument. There will two sides for to every such topic. You should have valid points to support and oppose each side. When you write, you must be able to convince your argument strongly and there should strong evidence. By using these evidences along with your knowledge, opinion and vision, you can come to a conclusion to your essay.

  • Selecting the topic
  • When you select your topic, make sure that it is thought provoking and it must catch the attention of the reader. Never use false, exaggerated information in your document, as it will mislead the writing and ruin the quality. The best way to choose a topic is to choose a topic that has not been discussed by others. You can explain the issue and why you think it has been neglected by others. Always give your audience a solution too for the problem.

  • Presentation
  • You can present your thoughts on your topics in two ways. The first way is to present all arguments in one direction and counteract that with all of the arguments favouring another direction. The second way is to argue one particular point at a time and present the counter arguments individually. The second way helps in better understanding of the topics.

  • 12 best essay topics on bullying
  • The number of bullies and bullying incidents are increasing day by day. It is very important to stay away from bullies and protect ourselves from bullies. Here are some argumentative topics on this topic.

    1. How should schools address bullying?
    2. How seriously we should take bullying in colleges?
    3. Are you satisfied with the way cyber bullies are treated by the authorities?
    4. Do schools provide protection to their students from bullies?
    5. Are you happy with the precautions undertook by government to protect people travelling in public transports from bullies?
    6. Do you feel that the victims of bullies are getting their basic rights?
    7. Do you think that the punishment bullies are getting now is enough for their crimes?
    8. Where should you report first, after you get bullied?
    9. Do juvenile bullies deserve same punishment as other bullies?
    10. Do you think that the overuse of the internet is the main reason for cyber bullying?
    11. Should bullies students be banned from the school?
    12. Is the number of women bullies increasing?

    These are some of the major argumentative essay topics on bullying and bullies. This topic is a serious issue and it has to be discussed with the public and government.

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